Your Brain, Food, and the Insulin Connection
August 3, 2022 / Conditions & Complications / Education & Advocacy / Research / Healthcare Professionals / Type 2

Your Brain, Food, and the Insulin Connection

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Have you wondered why you might have trouble controlling your blood sugar numbers, after you seem to be doing everything “right”, such as eating less processed carbs and more protein and vegetables, drinking water, walking, and taking your medication as prescribed?

Guess what? The trouble keeping your sugar controlled may be related to complex chemical reactions over which you do not have much control, yet.

New research from has demonstrated that even just seeing and smelling a meal triggers insulin production. However, the release of insulin when this happens is dependent upon a release of an inflammatory chemical called Interleukin 1 Beta. In overweight and obese individuals, the production of this chemical is so disproportionately high that it actually impairs insulin secretion.

Read the full article from Science Daily here

Read the formal research paper using the link below:

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