Diabetes is a Gift
July 12, 2022 / Education & Advocacy / Mental Health / Beginner / Pregnant women / Type 1 / Type 2

Diabetes is a Gift

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This may sound a bit insane.
Getting a diabetes diagnosis is actually a GIFT.

You may likely be saying to yourself or someone in front of you, “Yeah this lady is nuts, this is not a gift, this is absolutely terrible!”

Again, hear me out…

You don’t know what you don’t know, as the saying goes…right? But once you get this diagnosis, once you find out, this means you have an opportunity to improve your health. Many conditions and symptoms that seem to be unrelated are in fact directly related to having diabetes, and these include:

Heart and vascular issues (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, vein or artery insufficiency, etc.)
Neurological problems (pain in the feet/hands/shoulders)
Dental problems (infections, bone loss)
Joint and orthopedic problems (bone wear, joint inflammation, shoulder pain)
Kidney issues (frequent urination, protein buildup, infections)
Liver dysfunction and gastrointestinal problems (IBS, slow digestion, infections, nausea/vomiting)
Dermatology problems (skin tags, rashes, brown patches, etc.)

By knowing you have diabetes, you now have a second chance. You can begin to make small changes to your everyday living that will improve your health. These things include what I call the 3Ms of Holistic Health: Mindset, Movement, and Meals. This means: What are you thinking, how are you moving your body, and what are you putting in your mouth?

Tiny changes can really make a world of difference, I promise. After watching and observing and caring for people as a healthcare worker over the last two decades, I have seen the magic that can happen. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen what happens when we do nothing. I lost my favorite aunt when I was a teenager, and I lost two very close friends from this disease within the past 10 years. I’ve even witnessed seasoned healthcare professionals and highly educated folks experience significant damage from this. Furthermore, I have watched my own husband of 15 years struggle and suffer, but be able to bounce back and reach his diabetes management goals with individualized care and training. As a healthcare professional and a family and friend to folks around the world with diabetes, it is my duty, and that of healthcare professionals everywhere, to prevent complications from happening wherever and whenever possible. The first step for everyone, whether a patient, family member, or provider, is education.

So, let’s make a commitment, right now, to educate ourselves and those we know and love, about what diabetes actually IS, and the small strategies we can do to help ourselves improve our health, one step at a time.
Diabetes care is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal as some of the prominent public associations would say, but there are some fundamental principles that everyone must do. We here at DiaHub are ready to provide you the support you need to get you started on this journey to managing your diabetes and achieving optimal wellness.

~Yours in Health~
The DiaHub.org Team

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