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Understanding the Link Between Gut Microbiota and Type 2 Diabetes

Discover the Link Between Gut Microbiota and Type 2 Diabetes. Learn more about the role of diet, exercise, and how it can affect type 2 diabetes.

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The Role of Precision Medicine in Diabetes

Discover the potential of precision medicine in diabetes care with Find out more about the benefits involved in precision medicine today!

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New Treatment for Diabetes Type 2 Prevention Research

Get the latest information on the new treatment for diabetes type 2 prevention. Learn about the potential benefits and risks of this new treatment.

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Vaccine for tuberculosis effective against Covid-19 in Type 1 diabetes patients

Having Type 1 diabetes is a risk factor for developing illness from circulating viruses and bacteria, which can lead to hospitalization, disability, and death. The Covid-19 pandemic has been especially challenging for individuals with diabetes as the current data demonstrates the risk of contracting and suffering severe illness from this disease is significantly increased for […]

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Tandem Diabetes Care’s t:slim x2 pump Review

The t:slim x2 is one of the most advanced insulin pumps as it works via a touch screen. Developed by Tandem Diabetes Care from San Diego (USA), its basic purpose is to control and automatically adjust insulin dosing instead of the user, based on the current needs of the pump user. The pump has two […]

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