Omnipod DASH Insulin Delivery Pump Review
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Omnipod DASH Insulin Delivery Pump Review

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The Omnipod DASH system is one of the latest insulin management systems on the market. After waiting for FDA approval, the third generation was released on April 29th, 2019.  Let’s dive into the details!

Let’s start with the difference between the new Omnipod DASH and the older system.  The older version uses Eros pods, that are communicating with the PDM via radio waves. Also, the older version of PDM is a lot thicker. On the other hand, Omnipod DASH has a PDM similar to an Android phone, but it works only as a PDM device. The DASH system communicates via bluetooth and the Pod has a blue cannula cover. Now that we’ve covered the differences, let’s get more specific.



Omnipod DASH is a 3rd generation wireless diabetes management system that can provide up to 72 hours of continuous insulin delivery (depending on how many units you use).

The Pod

Image source: www.omnipod.diabetesexpress.ca


The Pod is tubeless, waterproof (up to 7.6 meters for 60 minutes) and can carry 200-units of insulin inside the reservoir. It has an automatic cannula inserter, which is inserted by clicking a button on your PDM. The Pod can be worn wherever you typically insert your pen (or previous pump), and your PDM should be within 1.5 meters from your Pod. The new Pods are 1.53″ wide by 2.05″ long and .57″ high, weighing just 30 grams when empty (without insulin).


PDM Device

Image source: www.diabetesadvocacy.com

The Omnipod DASH PDM has a 4-inch color touchscreen Android device that is used only as a PDM device and has WI-Fi connectivity. It is similar size compared to the previous device, it is 1 cm thick and weights 6.17 ounces.

According to Insulet, The Omnipod DASH PDM device has multiple features:

  • setting a Zero Basal Rate if you require low insulin delivery
  • setting a Fractional Insulin to Carb ratios if you are insulin sensitive
  • setting various preset functions on the PDM to establish favorites, tag your activities, and personalize insulin delivery based on your daily routine

Per the FDA, the Omnipod DASH is suitable for all age groups.

APPS launched to accompany the DASH system:

Read more about their features here.


The pricing/cost of the Omnipod DASH will more than likely vary based on your insurance coverage.
Approximate prices are (prices may vary) :

  • $270 to $369 at pharmacy chain stores (box of 5 pods)
  • $118 at Amazon (box of 5 pods)
  • $1000 Pods+PDM (starter kit)


If you read our Freestyle Libre 3 review, you will have noticed that we talked a bit about the ecology and preventing waste, which we think is crucial in today’s world. Companies must focus on producing less waste or find a way to reuse a product. Therefore, when we review products, ecology and sustainability are categories we check, because these are important to the staff at Diahub. What we found in conducting our research of the Omnipod is that they have a Pilot Pod-take back Program, where you can easily return your old Pods.

As they stated:

“Together, we can build a more sustainable future”

“We are on a mission to create a more sustainable future. We are excited to invite you to be a part of our new Pod take-back program pilot.* Send us back your used Pods and we will responsibly dispose of them with the planet in mind.” –  Unfortunately, this is still a pilot, available only in Massachusetts, but we are hoping for an expansion soon.

Until then, check this out: we are LOVING Nerdabetic’s unique decor idea! He uses old pods for his Omnipod wall! How cool is that?



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That would be all, fellow readers! If you want to know more about pros and cons of Omnipod DASH system please read this article from Integrated Diabetes Services.


***Please note: The contents of this article are for informational and educational purposes ONLY. The information presented is not a substitute for medical consultation or advice. Should you have questions or concerns about how to use these products, please consult with your designated healthcare provider for assistance.


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