Medtronic Mini-Med 780g Review
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Medtronic Mini-Med 780g Review

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For many people with Type 1 diabetes, and even some Type 2 diabetes patients who are insulin-dependent, balancing insulin with blood glucose and diet can be a daunting, tiresome effort. The constant finger sticks and calculation of the correct insulin dose can be at the minimum rather annoying, and for some people it can be nearly impossible. In an effort to help patients better manage their insulin administration, several tech companies have developed state-of-the-art insulin pumps. In this review, we will discuss the latest insulin delivery system model from Medtronic, the Mini-Med 780g.

The “Dry and Technical” Info
So, lets get down to the basics of pumps and the tech stuff for this product…

General (kind of boring) Product Overview:

What exactly is a “closed-loop” system? A hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system is one that combines a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and an insulin pump together in one unit. The CGM constantly monitors the blood glucose and transmits a signal to the insulin pump that initiates administration of insulin based on the readings from the CGM.

The Mini-Med 780g is Medtronic’s latest and greatest, most advanced hybrid closed-loop insulin pump. Below we’ll review its features, and we’ll include links for more in-depth information.

Medtronic presented its Mini-Med 780g at the American Diabetes Association’s 82 Scientific Session. The data presented shows a significant improvement for “Time In Range” (TIR) and reduces the need for????????????

Perhaps the most important feature of the Medtronic Mini-Med 780g is the SmartGuard™ technology. This feature enables the pump to adjust the amount of basal insulin delivered and to deliver a bolus when need. This is possible because the companion continuous glucose monitor scans every five minutes and communicates the reading back to the pump, and this allows early delivery or cut off of insulin when needed BEFORE getting outside of the range your provider has set.

Benefits from using this tool:

According to Medtronic:

  • Based on your sensor glucose values, SmartGuard™ can predict when you are approaching low glucose levels 30 minutes in advance and automatically stop insulin delivery**
  • When your glucose levels recover, SmartGuard™ will automatically resume insulin delivery***.
  • You have the possibility to set multiple low limits throughout the day to give you increased protection when you need it most.

Overall Promises:

  • Significantly helps reduce the number of times alarms go off in the middle of the night from high/low glucose
  • Doesn’t appear to need calibration as previous models required if using the Guardian 4 sensor or a different compatible sensor that has been approved
  • Reduced need for a bolus administration and carbohydrate counting
  • Increased time-in-range (TIR)
  • An all-in-one design that does not require a separate transmitter
  • A 50% reduction in size compared to other systems
  • Bluetooth enabled to update with your pump

Medtronic 780G pump currently works only with Guardian CGM that lasts 7 days and still needs blood calibration twice a day.


The Medtronic Mini-Med 780g is currently available across 40 countries throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Read more here: https://news.medtronic.com/Decision-makers-in-Europe-further-expand-patient-access-for-technology-that-simplifies-diabetes-management

This device is not yet approved for use in the United States. The FDA is expected to?????


User Review:

“I love that my time in range went from 30-40% to 70-95%. I love that it is so simple to use, and that it has alarms I can set to warn me BEFORE I get too low or too high, so I can make good choices about my nutrition and other activities. I can’t think of anything I dislike about it. The only thing I would say is that I wish it would be a bit MORE aggressive about correcting my level.”



***Please note: The contents of this article are for informational and educational purposes ONLY. The information presented is not a substitute for medical consultation or advice. Should you have questions or concerns about how to use these products, please consult with your designated healthcare provider for assistance.



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