Diabetic Foot Care – The difference between socks
August 16, 2022 / Conditions & Complications / Education & Advocacy / Recommended reading / Beginner / Pregnant women / Type 1 / Type 2

Diabetic Foot Care – The difference between socks

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Diabetes affects many areas of the body, including our cardiovascular system, our nervous system, and our digestive system. However, one of the primary areas that are affected quickly without appropriate care is our feet. Six percent of diabetes patients experience foot problems such as ulceration, breakdown of tissue, and even bone infection. Therefore, it is important to carefully monitor and protect our feet to avoid these complications.

Perhaps you have had some problems with your feet. Has your doctor suggested that you wear diabetic-friendly socks? Are you confused about the difference between the types of socks available?

Check out this article from Medical News Today that discusses why your doctor may want you to wear diabetic socks and what is the difference between them by clicking the link below:

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