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The Connection Between Exercise and Diabetes

Discover the connection between exercise and diabetes management with Whiskas AU. Learn about the benefits of exercise, different types of exercise.

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Coach JJ talks about the 3Ms of Health with a comedian

Would you like to learn about Coach JJ’s 3Ms of Health: Mindset, Movement, and Meals? (This philosophy has helped many people with diabetes and other health conditions gain control over their health and improve how they feel every day.) If so, have a listen to this YouTube podcast episode with veteran comedian & positivity advocate […]

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Stress Management & The 5 Second Rule

You may be wondering what stress management has to do with diabetes… Because it would seem that stress is a mind thing and diabetes is a body thing…right? Managing your diabetes effectively and putting it into remission requires that you pay attention to the three primary domains of your health: what your mind is doing, […]

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Dawn Phenomenon – Is This What’s Happening To Me?

Do you find yourself waking up often with a high blood sugar? This could be an indication of Dawn Phenomenon. Check out what the Mayo Clinic has to say regarding this condition…   **Consult your healthcare provider team for further guidance on this potential challenge    

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Newly Diagnosed? It’s time to develop new habits

Have you been newly diagnosed with diabetes? Has your doctor told you that you need to change your diet and get more exercise? Not sure where to start? When we are newly diagnosed with diabetes, making changes can seem like an insurmountable challenge, with us often feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. And, […]

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