Bionic Pancreas? The Future Is Upon Us With the iLet™ from Beta Bionics
July 30, 2022 / Pharmaceuticals / Research / Technology Overview / Healthcare Professionals / Type 1

Bionic Pancreas? The Future Is Upon Us With the iLet™ from Beta Bionics

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Have you ever wondered if there was any kind of robot pancreas you could just have installed to quit having to dose insulin and do finger sticks? So you don’t have to feel like a pincushion and be a slave to a clock or a carb count?

Well, BetaBionics is on their way, here to help.

A medical technology & device company, BetaBionics set out to create the first bionic pancreas.

This device not only helps your body with insulin regulation to prevent high blood sugars that can lead to serious complications, but it also can administer glucagon to prevent low blood sugar and its associated complications.
(Listen to the below YouTube podcast episode describing how this device works and what the research shows…)

Unfortunately, the public is still waiting for Food & Drug Administration clearance. According to a statement at BetaBionics:

“To be clear, the iLet Bionic Pancreas is not yet commercially available because it has not yet been cleared by the FDA or any other regulatory body. We will have to obtain regulatory clearances before we can offer the iLet for commercial sale.”

However, one review from a patient in anticipation of the release of this product says the following:

“This was just a great video! I’m T1 for 27 years, pumper 17. Been using 770g system about a year now, being on disability, was greatful to get this one. I have hypo unawareness and needed this pump being able to auto-suspend. I would love to work with this company and pump and put it to the test.”

Watch a visual presentation by BetaBionics on how this system works via YouTube:

For additional review information: https://diatribe.org/impressive-results-ilet-bionic-pancreas-pivotal-trial

Medical Professionals: Review the below blue button link redirecting to the Medscape article database to learn more clinical details

*Please continue to check back on this page for updates from FDA and Beta Bionics regarding availability and continued research evidence of its benefit*

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